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andrej dwin
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kinda funny.
but would I have gotten it if I've seen it in a magazine?
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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yes you would

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Forgive me because I'm not exactly familiar with the product. It seems like it's a toy car? Kind of like Hot Wheels? If I've got this right then my next question would be, who are they targeting with these ads? Children? I don't really see this as being a great ad for kids - no incentive for them to ask their parents for one. Adult collectors? Why would they care about Matchbox becoming available in Venezuela, wouldn't the majority of the collectible items be older models available on eBay exclusively anyway?

I'm a little confused as to the purpose of the campaign. Open to ideas and explanations though.

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Matchbox cars have been available in Venezuela for centuries, but Farmatodo is a convenience store/drugstore chain that now is selling them, so the main target are the usual costumer, mothers.

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Ah, thank you, that makes much more sense.

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i agree with the opinion on upfloor.
i am a little confused as to to the purpose .
it is not captable of our chinese market

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Not another one. Haven't we seen enough ads for toy cars already?


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kinda cool.

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This one's okay. Much better than the other one.

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I ate Steve Fossett

man, this deer looks yummy...

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Meh, that deer looks confused. Considering the fact it WAS to be hit by a car, but no, it's crawling between its legs. Ahaaa, great idea.

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Has anyone found that the visual somehow looks distorted, at first glance it appeared to that the deer had eaten the car and is choking (explains the puzzled disturbed look) This is justifiable by concluding that a shining beam widens as is moves away from its source. Also, if you look carefully the beam on the deer's snout is mispositioned adding greatly to the over-all look. And besides, another further concern is that it looks like there are two sources of light in this ad, on the ground (torch like effect) and the beam somewhat coming from the deer's snout. Hope there's someone out there who sees what I'm talking about...

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Yes you're right. What it is, most likely, is a stock photo of a deer caught in headlights that a not-so-diligent art director simply inserted a second light beam (meant to represent the small cars headlights) without knowing enough about the physics of light to know that it doesn't make sense.

OR he wasn't good enough with Photo Shop to properly refract the light behind the deer and took the easy way of reversing the beam under the assumption his audience wasn't smart enough to know. An assumption that should never be made.

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