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not bad.

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what am i missing?

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Nothing, the image showcases their capabilities.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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So the agency had nothing to do? They just put the logo on? It's pretty weak. Especially doubtful if you see that the service advertised didn't even do what they are supposed to do.

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You are missing the point, it says "Up to 100% image editing" in german, in the white box.
The idea is the picture its so retouched that the man become a bee, and the bees became men.

I like it, pretty well done.

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Good, would have worked for the cadbury's Reverse bar ad too..


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you're right recluse, cadbury should've used this one instead of the one with the lumberjack.

don't really like it, there have been so much better ads for farbraum.
even the retouching isn't farbraum standard - just look at the beekeeepers climbing up the honeycomb.

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yes i agree with popdistortion.
then white bar of tagline & logo is very distraction, it doesn't blend into the cool beekeeper visual tho.
but by the way, despite it, i like the visual (except the logo white bar)

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Together with the line this all makes sense. I like it.

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true, this ad would've worked great for cadbury ulta perk. nice post job.

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Tomasz Rybak
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where are shadows?

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im gettin tired of reversed senario images like this one....

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ahahaha sweet.

"those damn flying beekeepers are pissing me off!" *swat swat*

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