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The concept is ok. But why 5 ads with the same idea?

bknowlden's picture
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Sorry, this is boring. I thought half a decade of this campaign for little ceasar's in the early ninetys was enough...

Mo's picture
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1X5 makes it cheesy. :-|

djspiralz's picture
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it's just not good

popdistortion's picture
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Watch out! There is a pun on its way. This is cheesy! What's up with the photography? Looks like it has been taken with a mobile phone. This is such a no brainer idea.

val's picture
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how stupid is that?

the.adnerd's picture
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cheesy... that's funny
the image treatment here is beautiful, though
makes me have more simpathy for the idea...

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Use the pizzahut concept but change the direction and actually one piece is wnough 5 pieces is really too much. Make it very boring.

Alexandre's picture
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I did not expect such an amount of aggressiveness on those ads. It is just a little boy who tries to know until where the grated cheese will carry him out . These are 5 ads which recall its way since the morning until the evening. Sorry not to have the idea to put boobs. Next time. Promised.

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This has nothing to do with boobs my friend. Just that 5 ads of exactly the same seems somewhat excesive and makes it boring. One would have worked just fine. The fact that there are 5 doesn't make the concept stronger.

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I think if connect and link 5 ads,it will better.just like a TVC.

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true, bbdo singapore did the same thing for pizza hut. i wonder who did first?

charly's picture
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Un concepto demasiado usado. Nada nuevo bajo el sol. No me gustó la propuesta.

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