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I can't get it!

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So hairy. =p

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but he didn`t photoshopped his idea

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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What is it ? A bear, a wolf or Hog???? No message readable.


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So British ! ;)

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Maybe you will get it if you click on the image to zoom in. It says: "Loyalties tested at fantasyleague.com"

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I'm not British, and I don't think you have to be to understand this ad. The idea here is that in Fantasy Football, you may not always go with your team if you really want to win. I'm not sure of how Fantasy Football works (or any Fantasy league for that matter), but that's the idea behind this.

This is even supported by the copy at the bottom "Loyalties tested at fantasyleague.com."

I like the concept and its potential to become a campaign. This particular execution is not bad, but I do wish they would've taken it further. Perhaps having a spot with the modified cheer? Maybe a guerrilla "happening" at (or outside, to avoid the cost of buying the tickets) the stadium with people chanting this (and recording the video for youtube)?

Obviously I am unaware of the budget limitations, but I'm sure something else could have been done to complement this print ad. Interactive? A clever banner?

Of course, it is quite possible that the agency was strictly limited to doing one print execution, and in that case, I think this was an acceptable production.

Fun concept. Good luck!

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some comments in the earlier restaurant campaign stated the ads were a bit sadistic, i wonder what this is??
its so ugly!

| Everartz |

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Dev Kumar
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Good idea and execution.

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Good concept.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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FANTASY LEAGUE........is an application on Facebook....i hope u know wat Facebook is.....n this one deals with football......

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Cute... Hairy... but cute...

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