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and if you have the same age? is it wrong to? ;-)

a bit easy...

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if you look at this ad as something more you need help

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They don't see it as something more! Pedophiles don't fantasize about girls being women - they LIKE little girls!

And I agree with whoever said it won't change people's behaviour. I don't know what these ads are supposed to do.

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You're totally right, it's almost vindicating Pedophiles, it's a very odd approach and it's vaguely disturbing.

Plus you have to feel sorry for the girls used in the adverts.

I think you should take them off the site.

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Bad taste ...

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This is really disturbing, the least they could do, is to have pictures of children not seeming so happy.
This ad is more likely to turn people in to pedophiles, than the opposite...
Bad ad.

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That's what I thought.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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damn she's hot!

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James Dean
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I think this ad is aimed at you.

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Ugh. Still bad Photoshopping. Did you skip life drawing class or just didn't pay attention to proportions?

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Disgusting. ¿Those kind of phenomenons are neccesary?
Creativity need some therapy.

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The ad is pointing out exactly what's wrong with that law, if your girlfriend is 17 and you're 18, you could be sent to jail. Which happens, but besides that, this is a really really bad ad.

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these lines are awful.

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anymore of these?

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This CD needs slapped

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