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ming the merciless's picture
ming the merciless
190 pencils

OK let's have an amnesty. All those people who don't get this ad or think it needs a line or doesn't think it's clever have to promise to never ever comment on an ad again - until they 'get' this one.

And if you've never seen the WWF logo and you claim to live on this planet, you have to promise never to comment until you've made a donation to WWF.

supersupergirl's picture
294 pencils

save panda families?? save more wild life?? save the clan?? what??

Pauflies's picture
205 pencils

I also don't get it, but i like the visual!


nottingham's picture
38 pencils

Better with an headline.

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

I agree about a line, this is nice if it's a xmas wish from the WWF family.

hadrianapolis's picture
733 pencils

So what?

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

minimalized to a point of non-sense.

DarkSide's picture
1066 pencils

I believe that the ad says that with the ais of WWF the Panda will procreate and not be extinguished.
I undersand it but I don´t like it very much.

DarkSide's picture
1066 pencils

I believe that the ad says that with the aid of WWF the Panda will procreate and not be extinguished.
I undersand it but I don´t like it very much.

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

i really like it, its very clever and no i dont work for ogilvy stockholm.

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

i think if it does need a line than something like "help us grow" would work

am-o's picture
162 pencils

i think this is great. could you brand wwf even moe? we see so much work from wwf, it's nice to just see a good brand piece from them. i got it the minute i saw it...

but.. on the other hand: those who don't know wwf may not get it off the back or let alone at all. but it could just intrigue the reader to find out what the hell wwf actually is.

Plastilina's picture
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it doesn't need any line, it's self explanatory, playful and, to come to the point, very optimistic. that is, if you know the logo and what wwf stands for. and o, its not for panda, not for seat panda, not for panda ice-cream, it's for wildlife in general. that is, if you get it.

Plastilina's picture
73 pencils

and, one more think: pretty please, cut it out with this shallow junior-ish "I like the visual" stuff. these things are supposed to tell you something, not just entertain ya.

Jumo's picture
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The line could be "thank you"…

Art Director FP7 Morocco

Albondiga's picture
96 pencils

I completely agree. Spot on.

jsptrck404's picture
437 pencils

i really like this execution. this is a beautifully simple way of showing/exemplifying their mission.

unfortunately, i also realize that understanding this communication is solely based on your familiarity with the wwf (their logo has one panda - just google WWF and it will pop up).

so while very ingenious, it's scope (and audience) is therefore quite limited.

| think small |

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Simple and brilliant. Well done.

drizae's picture
503 pencils

I really like this. I agree the line could have been Thank you but they probably didn't want to seem like they had finished their cause.

Fail Harder.

sparkvisual's picture
56 pencils

Doesn't the visual rely too heavily on prior knowledge of the brand? I don't think it's a safe assumption that viewers will get the "trick".

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jason argonaut
28 pencils

Love it. If this is 70s then you go back to dog fleas dynasty.

Psycho Pirate's picture
Psycho Pirate
68 pencils

I honestly like it but I agree it might need a line because there are too many possible interpretations.

My take on the visual is that it demonstrates WWF's character and mission. Perhaps to help endeagered species propagate, which the WWF icon (The Panda) is known to have difficutlty doing. However, it lends itself to be being too much of a breastbeater as it paints the image of a savior. A miracle worker even. Something the WWF doesn't seem wont to do.

A simple line could help. Even if it was just a straight line leading to a particular cause or effort.

Just a thought.

liveinaday's picture
61 pencils

an original WWF's logo is an adult panda, so if there is one more adult panda (symbolic of organization like WWF), it make our world have more baby panda(symbolic of abbreviated animal), I bet.

adharmawan's picture
2 pencils

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oke...WWF is changing the logo

Rajib's picture
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No comments....

ñangara's picture
46 pencils

no need copy. good ad

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

1) My first thought about what it mean was: "Maybe the efforts of saving Pandas worked, now there are more Pandas".

2) I was expecting a line to confirm that, but it wasn´t there so people could understand it in different ways.

3) We are always looking at logos so we now them, but common people doesn´t, thats way its risky to put no copy.

Byte's picture
327 pencils

Nice and simply. Good ad.


hendrix's picture
18 pencils

Nice. But how come client buy this idea. (witouth the real logo)

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

clients are too busy saving pandas to care

Lol's picture
127 pencils

Awfull. Makes no sense. And, if it did (with a line) would be a weak idea.

account_guys_suck's picture
12 pencils

I like it. It's simple and smart ; )

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

Agreed, on all 4 points. :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Roberleiton's picture
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gmint7's picture
2683 pencils

its good

ithink with
"Thank you"
"Thank's for those who support"

works better

"use condom"



izmild's picture
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WWF Big family. But they say nothing. do they have a family plan?

xover15's picture
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sorry, had to.

kai539's picture
244 pencils

nope, it's a brilliant idea
agree, with copy will do better because i was looking for it then

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1. if the wwf logo is unfamiliar to you, you have been living under a rock. you need to get out and do more with your life
2. if you think the ad needs copy, you must be one of those who reads a manual to drive a car, or turn on the tv.. even ikea has dropped copy from its instruction manuals.. come on!! copy would f-bomb this ad
3. if you are the creative responsible for this act of blasphemy, hail to thee

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