Familiprix Drugstores: Pharmacist arm, 4

Good against colds

Advertising Agency: lg2, Quebec, Canada
Creative Director: Luc Du Sault
Art Directors: Vincent Bernard, Jacques De Varennes
Copywriter / Illustrator: Luc Du Sault

August 2011


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Were it not for the 'good for sleep' instance, which looks like a child being slapped or smothered, I'd've given this a 9 for Luc de Sault's visual hypnosis. A warming and simple visual vehicle for your client, and I hope one that isn't forever pharmaceutical. If you've forever linked your style to this client, charge them more.

[edit: forget that, Luc: just squizzed through your other bumps - keep stretching, will see you somewhere.]

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I disagree with the previous commenter. If I was the client, I would want my money back. The warm tones aside, how these cutesy illustrations sell pharmacy (to adults) is beyond me. I also question whether most people would be able to immediately identify that arm as a "pharmacist arm".

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Hammad S
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No, I think this campaign is done very well. The illustrations are on target. It's the tagline and picture combo that make it work. The colours give the right "feeling". I think most ppl would be able to understand this.

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I like the feeling. Communication is lacking for me.

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i don't get why this is supposed to be anything beyond nice looking.

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just like atb2005 said.

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Abhishek Parikh
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Warm tones need not always make the concept easy to understand.

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