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Crisp One
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hellooooooooo pop culture parody!

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The idea is cute, but the Photoshop work needs to go back -- look at the shadows under the thermos and the lunch box: I gather the thermos is floating in mid-air and the box is about to fall off the edge. They're also far sharper than the rest of the image; a simple softening would have easily corrected that.

It's a nice ad, nothing earth-shaking, but still, these errors are enough to throw down a few notches.

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how could you say this is nice, have you not seen the Lego ads...the art direction is terrible on this execution too..and if you dont know whats been done, especially an idea like the lego that won in most of the biggest award shows out was great.

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Johan Nerman
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I agree. Not very creative to make another copy/spin-off.

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I don't understand this at all. Solve what? Why didn't they just use the original image?

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The idea it´s just that LessTalk. Problems in constructions and house repairs can easily be solved without help of a lot of people. The original image don't give us that impression.

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The Lego one spoiled this one for me...

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The Lego one is way better

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Don't people follow awards shows to see what's been done... They should've known it was done by Lego especially since it won loads of awards.

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Don't use this picture again, pls.


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You have to know the awards shows. If you do this ad and still know about the Lego ad than you just plain are unoriginal.
ORIGINALITY my friends. It still exists. If you don't think so, get out of the business.

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if your in the industry and not following whats winning then get out of the business too.

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Take a good look at the suspended rope in the Lego ad - its the exact same one as the one used above...these guys probably cropped it out of from the Lego ad! Only burnt and softened it a bit in Photoshop to look different somehow....this ad is a complete rip off!

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maybe cause is the original rope?!

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