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i don't like how they position the logo !

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the logo position is the main thing of the campain, the flame tries to burn the rope...

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I know why they placed it there, but unfortunately visually its not working this is my opinion, but still I love this campaign

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looks like logo placmnt is the new formula for public service metal. remember another identical campaign which used its hands logo on different visuals, like to collect a tear etc

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I agree that the logo placement could be better. People will understand the mission w/o the logo placed there, certainly nobody thinks Amnesty International is advertising that they torture people. But burning people with candles looks torturous. I think the images alone are so moving that to add a little flame burning the rope brings a little too much cheese odor and distracts from the visuals' impact.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i think your right, it's to serious of an issue to get that cute

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讓我想到 陜西的磚廠...
------------i'm separation line--------------

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