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Doubt the effectiveness. First of all I wonder why they would want you to stay longer in a supermarket... People only pass the sections with the things they need. They're not going to stay longer in a shop, because you ask them... Actually I think they will even hurry more to get away... since you already stole some of their precious time... Just talking out of my experience... going to the supermarket is not something special... you do it because you need to and you don't want to waist time hanging around longer then necessary, no?

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I'm not sure, but I think these guys are using irony. I believe the campaign is a way of saying that you DON'T have to spend much time in this supermarket. Just a thought...

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fakta is the supermarket? that's just dumb. it sounds like they have to trick their customers to stay longer, because it is pleasant to shop there.

and even if i stood there and watched, it's very obvious there are no differences at all. so they are just wasting time

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Nice bit of in-store branding. Gives the store a fun personality. Good stuff.

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The idea is grate, but matbe the problem is that it look cheap.

I like it anyway.

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The idea is grate, but maybe the problem is that it looks cheap.

I like it anyway.

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i like it... gr8 way of saying you can finish your buying in 5 minutes..

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Ivan, Oslo is not in Denmark....

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