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Activity Score 88

i think the execution is impressive, but it doesn't fit the brand perfectly. thats what missing.

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Activity Score 39

good execution... it seams Ambience, mumbai people have lotza free time to pass their time with works like this... Try to put some great idea with good execution... it is very necessary

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instinctive tra...
Activity Score 189

That there is good work. I don't recall seeing anything like that here in India. And it's meant for the Indian public right? Let’s just forget all the ad juries for a minute. Would you honestly say that this isn't good? Hell, there's tremendous recall there. And the advertiser gets his money's worth.

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Killer Kowalski
Activity Score 394

Well, this is an international site not India! Your point is like me, hanging some ads from the 90th in my bedroom, show them to my boss and when he tells me these ads aren't fresh, telling him: "Well, it's my bedroom and I don't recall seeing anything like that hanging here before..."

Anyway, I think the ads are ok.

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Activity Score 270

Yeah, I don't see a good idea here.

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Ney Frances
Activity Score 660

good! and nothing more than that! nice carv work, but as i said before: i hate transformers ( alusion to that 80´s cartoon from some cars that trasform theirselves into big robots)

is there life before death?

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Activity Score 98

very good art direction.

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me thinks
Activity Score 722

Zilch. I don’t like it. Sorry.

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I think this will work. It's very memorable, people will look at it and say, wow ow didi they do that! Kudos to model maker / art worker. Great Job.

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Activity Score 472

I love it ....the art work is owesome.

"Idea never die"

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chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

i think its very very good as a campaign...gr8 job guys! Elsie Nanji and Ramanuj Shastry always encourage such kind of work, ive observed... amazing art...keep going ppl

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Activity Score 152

well, its yellow pages, what do you expect???

i think it works pretty good. At first i was also sceptical, but the longer i look at it, the more i see the stunning simplicity in it.

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The execution has been done before by a brazilian team for a book store (bring life to words) where a book opens and the pages carve out to form ships etc. They won every major award.

In this particular campaign i don't see the idea. What do you mean by 'It's all in here' and show some kind of factory????

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Activity Score 70

yup I like it, but there is always a new twist to a thought and this is nice for yellow pages.

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love these series of ads, it isn't like the conventional yellow pages ads i have to agree :)

Erik's picture
Activity Score 88

i think the execution is impressive, but it doesn't fit the brand perfectly. thats what missing.