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Which is really great is that it does really work - when you see just the icon of the image, it's ok, you can recognize the person; but once you clik on it to get a bigger view - forget it, you see just some circles....
Really nice job!

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Jeff Ng
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Totally agree.
The gimmick goes to the execution. People can notice the real face in a distance, making the whole adv much more persuasive

kbahey's picture

Ambiguous ...

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Remain me of M&M "Swimingpool & the series" (Cannes 2007)

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i really liked this campaign. Brilliant. Atleast they didnt do something like pixels or antyhing. Nice one.. message well tied up

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guys!!!! listen to this.. whoever did this is f*ckin smart. Twinch your eye a bit or close your eyes but so you can see a bit...

the images get damn detailed!!!

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Great concept and nice execution

Ayerif's picture
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Excellent execution of a clever vision, very well done!

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Nils B
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Absolutely a great ad, and a very clever approach!!!

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Talent is luck. Courage is what matters.
Done a zillion times

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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Seen this done as blocks with Abe Lincoln's head before. Nice, not original though.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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Screeming DONE is easy. I think you have to show us the work you're talking about then. So we all can make our own opinion about it. Ok?

wearmysocks's picture
1085 pencils

I didn't scream done! (it's scream not screem okthanksbyebye) Sheesh take a pill or something! I Just mentioned something where I saw the idea done before, which I thought was a valid reason to post! I never realised I was on trial. :(

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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awesome work.

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bin ladel?

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excelente dirección de arte!!

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