Fabricas de Francia: Everything, 3

You will want to take everything, absolutely everything.

Advertising Agency: AM Alvarado Molina, Mexico City, Mexico
Creative Director: Yuri Alvarado
Art Director: Pedro Sugrañes
Copywriter: César Isassi, Alan Gil
Illustrator / 3D: Container One
Photographer: Getty Images

December 2011


khronos's picture
998 pencils

whats with the sun flash?

Chris.S's picture
33 pencils

Yes, whats with the sun flash?


Cogito ergo sum

somecopywriter's picture
1113 pencils

Don't worry about the solar flare; worry about the building that is towering over it.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
1686 pencils

who the f*@!$ cares about the sun flash? wow is that pathetic analysis. and you know what, the sun flash is fine. you don't need it, but it doesn't hurt either.

PeterPanda's picture
24 pencils

I like the idea, but i think that the art direction is poor.

Caffeinated Drunk's picture
Caffeinated Drunk
12 pencils

I agree. Good idea, bad art direction.

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