Faber-Castell: Hourglass

Ecolápis with max resistant tip. A pencil made to last much longer.

Advertising Agency: Full Jazz Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Bartholomeu Cruz, Luiz Lobo, Márcio Flávio
Art Director: Beto Baraldi
Copywriter: Fábio Leite
Photographer: Alan Vecchi
Published: March 2012


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Peter Frank
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Cool 80's ad.

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ha! concur.

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Nike Diesel
13389 pencils


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Visual puns may not be a new formula, but this is still a really good one – and the image is nice.

giloponte's picture
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works for me. Good execution.

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I'm not sure I get it...

Is it supposed to be an egg timer?

If it is, I'm not sure it's clear enough.

Or is the visual about the resistant tip?

And is 'last longer' the best sell?

Wouldn't an illustrator or an artist value the quality of the line the pencil produces before the amount of time the pencil lasts?

I don't know -- maybe 'last longer' is a better sell.

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i do not think it will the sell the product,

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Love it

teach me.

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@ Wordfruit Its an hour glass(represents time), hence lasts long.

teach me.

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