Faber-Castell: Wireless phone

Ideas appear with pencil and eraser

Agency: Full Jazz, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Luiz Lobo, Paula Junqueira
Art director: Henrique Mattos
Copywriters: Paula Junqueira, Fabiano Soares


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Agency: Full Jazz, Brazil
AD: Henrique Mattos
CW: Paula Junqueira
Photo: Dionisio
Illustration: Elias Abdalla

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Mtl Dave
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Simply fantastic.

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This is sooooo good. wow.

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wow... beautiful idea! love it

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This is a vey old campaign.

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MADE in the USA
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Nicely done, concept thru illustration

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??? can someone pls explain this ad and campaign to me?

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I don't like this idea

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the claim, in english: Ideas come with pencial and rubberband.

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Actually it's pencil and eraser and our dear Ivan posted the line in orange directly under the image. For those who didn't understand. It is a before and after ad. First you sketch your idea. Then you make it better by erasing the unnecessary. All with Faber Castell. What a product! Yeah!

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I beg to differ. Not erase the unnecessary. Rather: the idea came while erasing, not knowingly. That's what I think they mean. Either way, very nice, smart and minimalistic. Let the beholder fill in the "blanks".

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Whatever. It's a great ad. You're explanation sounds sensible as well.

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I think the idea is good but it could have been simpler and cleaner... if they had just one visual and erased the cord that would have worked for me. Why have a before and after? The other objects used in the other ads would also have to be as clear or as recognisable as the telephone... just my thoughts...

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Well, do you think you would have known what had been erased if it had only been a phone? I don't think anybody would have seen that then.

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I think it is a brilliant ad.....how often have we stumbled onto a masterpiece of an idea...just by working and reworking on an initial idea. It's like if you think an idea is good, think and think again till you are sure it can't be better.

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Brilliant! Simple and nice!

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when i looked at it, my first thoughts were that both the pencil and the eraser were capable of creation. Even though an eraser is most commonly thought of as a destructive object, in this case it's as powerful a creator as the pencil is.

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