Faber Castell: Vampman

Powered fingers by Faber Castell Plastiline

Advertising Agency: Inbrax, Santiago, Chile
Chief Creative Director: Pancho González
Executive Creative Director: Pancho González
Creative Director: Daslav Maslov, Pancho González
Art Directors: Daslav Maslov, Cristián Toffolo
Copywriter: Pancho González
Account Director: Carolina Pinheiro
Client Team Director: Claudio Aguilar


bate_palmas's picture
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I think there's a translation issue here. Does the idea intend to suggest that this stuff makes your fingers stronger?

And if your fingers were strong, is that a good enough reason to create plasticine models of superheros?

I think I'm missing the point here somewhere.

AD-rian's picture
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I have some problems with the line as well, same as bate_palmas.

On another note: it's a bit unfortunate that Farber Castell is best known as a brand for colour pencils - causing a big disconnect when seeing these ads. I'm sure others have the same association.

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I like all the ads.

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