Faber Castell plasticine: Cheese

Advertising Agency: Unitas RNL Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Pancho González
Creative Director / Copywriter: Armando Macchi
Art Directors: Will Araya
Photographer: Cristián Navarro
Illustrator: Will Araya


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are they sayin the plasticine is edible??

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Yes, that's a benefit when you have a kid. :)

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is it a bad photo shoot?
ivan, i really need ur opinion

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Well, it's out of focus. Not sure why...

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Um, there's a big difference between being "not toxic" and actually "edible"... aren't these ads essentially encouraging people to eat erasers?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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No funny

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i understand that one of the main concerns for child-terror is eating and biting at anything those kids can lay their hands on,
but i have to agree with wad sirvan is saying.
( 'non-toxic' VS 'edible' ) should be positioned in a ('non-toxic' VS 'child-friendly')

are there any other alternatives, visually?

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malas las fotos.....

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