F.A.A.D.A: PS2

More and more people are getting tired of their pets and condemning them to death by abandoning them on the road. A dog is not a toy.
Foundation for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defense of Animals

Agency: Contrapunto Barcelona, Spain
Art Director: Deny Zatariano
Copywriter: Emma Piquer
Creative Directors: Tomás Oliva, Manuel Padilla
Photographer: Carlos Spottorno


mrtalented's picture
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this one is messiest. the shade on the road distracts the idea. nice photo though.

the execution itself is a first idea concept. and the copy should not repeat what the visual already conveys.

simpsonson's picture
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what does the visual conveys exactly?

ok, I try it:

former beloved things got dropped by some cruels and afterwards hit by some others...


things are still precious, even when you dont recognize it...

sdobry's picture
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Too paternalistic tone of voice, in my opinion. And, in general, a bit too-easy-for-understand idea.

kre8's picture
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this has too many layers.
you're talking about pets, but you're showing a playstation.
i know thats the twist in your idea, but there's no real relevance to the subject.
there's something in the thought, think it could work harder.

Yeminius's picture
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Pretty nice analogy. Maybe a bit hard to understand, maybe not.

anyway, if I don't read the copy I would think that is something about children weight reduction or something.

aand The visual is great for me ;p

Rog's picture
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Having to explain the visual in the copy isn't a good sign.
Get a more emotional hook into the shot/message
Run over a toy dog... a doll... a Panda...

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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c'mon rog,

run over a panda?


L.A.lopes4mayor's picture
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does it explains that a kid saw a cute puppy on the side street then gets it, then drop his f1 plane toy coz rather play with tha dog,and left then they live happily ever after. after a few minuteds sum car run thru the toy.. KABLAAAM!

i think.

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placing a sony playstation in an ad for saving dogs seems very strange.


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