Eyevision Car LCD Monitors: Narnia

Advertising Agency: Design Farm, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Sanjay Kasle
Art Director: Raju Gawade
Copywriter: Lester Fernandes
Other additional credits: Prasad Patil, Komal Savla, Yogesh Mestry
Published: December 2007


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"Narnia" is the movie, in the movie it is the area which is full of ice, and a war.The posters of that movie was also done in cool colors. Then, what is the point in using very hot color in this ad?

Toro's picture
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This really doesn't make any sense, does it? Poor idea, poor execution.

Kateter's picture
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what? both campaigns ran at the same time? where is the consistency (not to mention idea)?

doworkson's picture
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yeah this is lacking idea big time.. and why does narnia look like a hannibal poster?

Duckman's picture
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Narnia isn't 2 hours away. It's in the closet.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

TrainRunner's picture
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so it takes 2 hrs. to start the movie? Bad copy.

Leztah's picture
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Narnia comes alive for those two hours that you drive, while watching the film. So that way, Narnia is only two hours away. As easy as that.
Damn good job. I like the cloth texture. Almost looks like Aslan's flag.

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Upload a rubbish and appreciate! The red color behind is still puzzling.
DAMN !!!


raavigeorgian's picture
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this doesn't really with the movie' narnia'

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