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Remove the word 'Eyelashes' from up there in the title, and nobody can guess that these are 'EYE LASHES'

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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i saw eyelashes before i even clicked on the thumbnail. enforced by "attractive" in the copy.

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Yes you are right Mr. int.... But when an ad appears in a newspaper or magazine, you don't get to see a thumbnail before looking at the full size ad. And when you see the ad in full size and spot the Audi logo, there's no way you cannot think of the two SPEEDOMETERS. Your case may still be different.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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very yuk.

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boring. if you wanna say attractive, show your TT!

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You sound like the client.

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I honestly think that everytime somebody sees this ad, a kitten will be burned in hell.

So bad in so many ways. How do they get that past the Audi marketers in Italy?

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i find it really cute!

it made me smile :)

(i'm a chick, though)

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Yuk, boring, seen and no cute.

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Cmon! is easy to get that they are eyeslashes, Ive got it as soon as I saw it.

Maybe the visual is a bit boring, but its a good way of communicate.

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sorry tincho, but it is a good way to make us LOOSE life time watching it, very BAD AND POOR ad

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Whether you like or not, morons with nitwit comments will continue to exist in this world.

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senhora kolossa, here are you????
"wtf?? seems to be student work"

and i agree one more time.

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Alert your team.

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Is it an ad for children or what ? Too far ...

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are you guys crazy? if it is for a child, why there are people saying nobody will understand it is an eyelass? Maybe there are children smarter than some adults, or maybe there are some people so worried to show their photoshop skills that they forgot how nice is to do a simple graphic ad.

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i like it

it so simple, easy to catch and attractive

good job

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attractive power


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Vernon Jeremy Muller
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hmm... i browse through this site a lot and I have found hundreds of very creative, very impactful and very insightful ads... only to be spoilt be amateurish comments that show no class.

Do you honestly think that you could have done better on most of these ads yourself? do you even respect the creative process and the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into these works of art? Nope. even the best of these ads have you jumping up and down waiting to burn them to hell...

Nobody here gives any constructive criticism. You guys are not being helpful at all, and quite frankly, it ruins the site for the silent and appreciative onlookers

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I think you don't know what 'constructive criticism' is when you see one.

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agree with Kateter (< constructive criticism)