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Oscar's picture
Activity Score 68

mmmhhh nice idea - photoshop a bit poor, wouldn't have been better to be shoot all together?

puck's picture
Activity Score 70

tight concept. ya look at it and think 'wtf?' then read. i never knew...

gotta say it is kinda odd looking, execution-wise... the ashes just don't look right... probably would've taken less time to do a real shot of some butts, too...

Zulu's picture
Activity Score 84

Simple. Just the way I like 'em.

moonlighter's picture
Activity Score 8

Excellently conceived ad, nicely layouted, good visual support, although I feel the message could have been better placed, or well highlighted.

Other point is: who's the target audience? Is it the general society who's getting awareness about "World No Tobacco Day"? Or is it the smoker who's getting awareness of the ills of smoking?

If it is the first case, my comments above would just have made the communication better. If it is the second case, then I feel the commmunication will not be effective at all - maybe this has to do a lot with identifying the psyche of the smokers well (I do not have this understanding!!). In general I feel smokers get more influenced by visually strong / loud communication that sort of triggers some attitude changing stimuli...

More thoughts please....

reena's picture
Activity Score 26

ads too good loved it

MADE in the USA's picture
MADE in the USA
Activity Score 434

It’s not bad, My thinking on it is that the presentation is forced it really only needs 4 or 5 cig. butts at the most and they all need to be the same.. gold label.


alvi's picture
Activity Score 8

good job keep it up...............

amit_jha's picture
Activity Score 8

not bad...

dhiraj tamankar's picture
dhiraj tamankar
Activity Score 2

cool concept

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