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I for one, think it's rather beautiful. I would have loved to have seen another line, though.

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Cool artwork guys.

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there we go again: we don't have an idea so let's make some nice illustration... havaianas school (but of course havaianas did it when no one else did... besides it has some clever lines of copy).

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yes maybe this is with no intelligent idea but I have to admit that the illustrations are beautifully done..

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sure they are, they really made an excellent job in that point.
Who knows, maybe that's enough for people to remember it and try the product, I don't know.
I like IDEAS best, but the illustrations/art direction here are very very good ideed.

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okay this is another one of ... heck did any one market research? ... I love the art work it's excellent but unless it's target for designers .. and even that ... it make it hard for me to wanting to buy this drink ... just make me think i'm drinking someone's puke :( sorry don't mean to be so harsh but i'm just saying ... but then again this would totally work if the company is going for the -- that's too nasty but i can't stop talking about it -- effect :)

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is anyone else tired of the whole "mirrored graphics" thing this year?

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Mmmmm... can I have mine with double octopus please?

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