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This campaign is terrible and trite. Maybe even in 1980's standards.

bluejeans's picture
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Well, looks student's work.

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ha. you guys have obviously no idea who Gary Goldsmith is.

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Ed Mintone
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Different Strokes... no?

mikelite's picture
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yeah, I'm sure this passed Gary Goldsmith's desk...


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Tony Granger will be at the helm of this agency and rid the place of all the deplorable work and those who are responsible, including some of the names we see up there.


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weird and old.

- kk

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80s? You're being generous. This is retro 60s stuff, harking back to poster designers like Tomi Ungerer, who knew how to take a concept like this and make it sing.

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Mandla N
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People should stop wasting our time...

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the WORST crap i have ever seen

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I'm sure you could find a way to say something constructive instead of just crapping on the team. Why not post some of your stuff?


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Is it the norm to be mean here?

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It depends on the ad and who's responding. There are some ads that are plain embarrassing, but you try to be nice in deference to the guy/girl who sat in front of the computer and cranked it out. Then there are others that are truly WTF examples: while this one doesnt fall completely into that category, it's gosh-darn close. If these illustrations took more than fifteen minutes, including Photoshop time, I'd be surprised -- and for so little payoff. Granted, the amount of time spent is irrelevant -- when Warhol was doing shoe illustrations in his early NY days, he could dash them off like nobody's business. But they had style and a bit of a sense of humour about them. These are just poor graphics, made to look streamlined and terribly "euro" in a retro kind of way, but instead of evoking anything, they just sit there, looking pretty for pretty's own sake. And *that*, grasshopper, is not how you build an effective ad.

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There is nothing constructive to say here,
This is too bad.. .. ..
The worse ad ive seen for year 2008.

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Mr. Sean Martin, you are a gentleman an I respect you for that.
THAT is constructive criticism. I guess the author of this ad will thank you and learn fom it.
It takes brains and class to do that.
Take note kids!

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I do not know if I am on the right site. I am making a complaint re the ad for V8 juice. What is with hitting someone related to not drinking the juice. The latest one is about french fries, the child hits the mother from her carriage. What in the hell is that about. This is considered assault, yes, it is. If you hit someone it is against the law. So this is being played constantly before children, who we are trying to bring up with certain values and constantly telling them, do not hit or push anyone. This is the stupidist ad that I ever saw. In fact some ads, I don't even know what they are trying to sell. Come on you people out there are you desperate for an ad campaign, burn the midnite oil and come up with something better then you've been coming up with.

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