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A.G. Pennypacker
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I don't get these.

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What the hell is that? A pokemon?

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Grand Prix
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Why the H3ll would you want to blast a Donut? They smell sweet already, and don't give you bad breath. Onions, garlic, fish etc. would work, but this is just bad. If that's not their angle, then they're suggesting you chew it _with_ donuts???? Bad.

Cute visuals and idea though, just wrong foods.

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these are great, compacting the tv commercial into one shot. easily recognizable.

here, for those who havnt seen the ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2ivCTG8Ozo

there is a whole campaign based on these cute food characters, in the age of youtube it shouldn't be hard to find out more. (check it out before you make comments that make you look ill-informed)

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It's not about the breath, but the remainings of food in one's mouth.

The gum removes them, so its like a substitute for brushing your teeth (perfect for when you are on the go).

I like.

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This is frigging great work. It's not boom-tish but I love it. Well done guys! Great campaign.

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Yeah! if you see the vid, you get the idea, it's not the donut or the banana, they taste good, it's their remaining in your mouth, what the gum cleans

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good concept

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Thanx guys. Now I love it.
It actually is confusing for them who haven't seen the tv ad.

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Guest commenter

OMG! Malaysia has a similar tvc like this. It's for a dental product, those little food(same as above) following their master to everywhere.

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daniel ieraci
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I initially thought it was a rubber donut which prompted me to think the product was a weird sepository... :S

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i've seen the tv commercial for these. absolutely BRILLIANT.

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The idea is that you have Extra instead of a sweet snack. Extra is sugarless.

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I love Mr Doughnut i look for him everytime i see the ad on tv

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Mr. "Extra" doughnut makes me smile

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