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4 people to come up with this? i've seen it done time and time again in college portfolios. sorry guys.

guess i won't be hired in mccann sao paulo anytime soon.

copywriter.txt's picture
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Just a correction:
The authors of the idea are two. The creative directors doesn't count.
And i don't agree with you. I never seen ideas like this in college portfolios. But, maybe, you only see the Miami Ad School Future Lions Best Of Show Grand Award portfolios.

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i agree with dick huges below here. if you're doing a dental floss ad it better be ballalicious. there's been a billion great dental floss and condom ads done. this t'aint one of 'em.

though dick huges could use a more clever user name. how 'bout x.l. p.ness.

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Dick Huges
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Dude my name is fine. The name you suggested is kinda lame, but if i ever create an alter ego to disagree with my posts i may give your name a chance.

liar's picture
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Dick is a real name, or is it a short-form for Dicky?

whitespace's picture
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Dick = Richard

A. J. SMITH's picture
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that is an awesome porn name though like 'jack hammer' or 'king dong'

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

so if your mouth is still full of lettuce why you want to find a small piece of lettuce on it? I've seen better ads where people try to hide small pieces of food. You dont win any internet.

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Have Heart
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Not bad, but I'm sick of camouflage-ads.

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Ney Frances
660 pencils

love it, simple and efecctive! camouflage with another point of view! nice work!

is there life before death?

popdistortion's picture
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Bores me a bit. Just a bit.

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I don't understand it :S

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