Exclusive Books: Sarah Palin

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Marion Bryan, Daniella Balona
Copywriter: Chad Wright


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Jaap Grolleman
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I think what it's highlighting is genius, how fake internet can be, how internet can be anything. But it kinda stops there, or should I see something else from this? It could show/say that books aren't.

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rip off of xkcd...

Quite really.

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I think they're saying that this is what google actually shows up for these people and that their self help will have books for them.

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What google shows is most searched terms, now what does it have to do with books?

because therefore it is

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It is an ad for self-help section of the book store. Too bad that it is difficult to realize that.

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I finds the ads funny.

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Nothing is clear in this series.

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