Exclusive Books: Dracula

Exclusive Books. Abridged Classics.

After researching the subject, prominent publishers found that many avid readers are ashamed to admit that they have not read certain classics. In an attempt to make these books more accessible, they put out a series of abridged (condensed) clas sics. Exclusive Books promoted this range by putting out print ads that displayed some of the characteristic scenes from literary lore with the slightly less exciting bits removed. In this way, they showed how abridged classics work – by giving you the big picture.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Fran Luckin, Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Marion Bryan
Copywriter: David Krueger
Illustrators: Rui Tenreiro, Barry Downard, Rob Frew
Photographer: Corbis
Assistant Art Director: Magdel Smith

July 2010


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without reading the brief below, it is difficult to get the message. A copy should have assisted.
Any way, I hate Abridged versions


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ok, i think it might be a barcode?

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At first I thought it resembled a barcode. I would like to see some of the other options for this challenge. I get it after reading the statement - but not at first glance. Seems physically lengthy when trying to portray something abridged.

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Wow. People are dense. The concept of "abridged" could not be more clearly represented.

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No no no! This should've been radio.

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