Exclusive Books: Black Beauty

Exclusive Books. Abridged Classics.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Fran Luckin, Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Marion Bryan
Copywriter: David Krueger
Illustrators: Rui Tenreiro, Barry Downard, Rob Frew
Photographer: Corbis
Assistant Art Director: Magdel Smith

July 2010


andyStock's picture
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Is this supposed to look like a barcode?

Not sure what the message is in these ads?

lahaff's picture
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Exactly, why the heck would you think of books when you see this?

ivan's picture

The white lines represent the parts that were cut from the full version of the book. Yet the remaining image is still intelligible.

Colish's picture
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I still have no idea where's the idea in this campaign.

Guest's picture

Awesome concept guys. Granted, only people who know what "abridged" means will get it - but that's the target market right?

Guest's picture

*sigh @ some of the above comments* The concept is pretty darn clear. Abridged = parts missing but still conveying the overall plot. Love the simplicity.

Hibon's picture
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Ogilvy SA as done good work for Exclusive Books but for this campaign only the creative team will be happy about it tomorrow.

Simple ideas are the best !

Guest's picture

If you have no idea of the concept you should not be in advertising. The image does not represent a book, it represents a story.

Hibon's picture
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I think we all understand the concept but your clients wont. (remember we all work for clients not for Cannes jury ;-)

Simple ideas are the best !

Dzsoi's picture
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Very very good idea, but yeah, maybe a helping hand (I mean, headline) is needed.

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