Evonik Industries: Road

We make sure that road markings last a very long time.
Evonik Industries. Chemicals. Energy. Real Estate.

Advertising Agency: KNSK Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Vera Hampe, Olaf Hörning
Art Directors: Martin Augner, Berta Meins, Caroline Labitzke
Copywriter: Dirk Junski
Photographer: Tom Nagy

October 2008


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1601 pencils

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Are they serious?

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inspirational enough...?

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MMMM this is not good at all. I know the penny fathing is all about age, but what does it mean as a road marking and where are the lines?

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seems over-claimed

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Guest commenter

This is a normal street an not a bikeway.
Why there is a bike symbole in the middle of a road?
It doesn't make sense.

Fotostyle ist nice but very poor layout.
would you like to copy VW?

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im not completely sure what the company sells but i think they have a road writing of a really old bike to show how long the paint lasts... im thinking this is a b2b campaign and that's why we're struggling a lil w/ the compani and msg... hahahaa

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too far fetched, too over promising. I understand the idea behind quite well, but the execution just does not work.


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Guest commenter

No it is a B2C campaign.

They switch their name RAG into Evonik and now they feel to tell everybody in a way nowbody really understand.

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Guest commenter

Good idea!!!!!

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