Evolan Pharma After Bite: The Intruder

Advertising Agency: Volt AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Account Manager: Henrik Stampe
Copywriters: Jens Thelfer, Petter Nylind
Art Directors: Karl Andersson, Jörgen Berglund
Production Manager: Anne-Marie Nordström
Final Art: Tina Andblad
Retouch: Staffan Kjellvestad
Published: January 2011


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why should it be a very bad looking and old window frame? the mosquito mesh can be as the one given above with a nicer window! and by the way the idea is not that much

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I didn't get it at first because the frame looks a bit out of shape but not that much, the frame should be completely messed up, it remains a feeble idea though

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Student work.

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Marlus Lau
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i like it, is a simple idea but works well for the product.

For those that don´t know what this is about (like me at the first time i saw this) this product is for mosquito bites...

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Yeah, it looks like a student work, but I like it anyway.

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Yeah, OK - I get it, but I assure you that I'll totally forget about this ad in a few minutes.

You could have done something more engaging. This doesn't challenge people's perceptions at all.

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This is very similar to the Cannes award winner print for Vick Vaporub, isn't it?


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After Bite is a pretty specific niche product. For people to whom this image is instantly familiar, After Bite is a useful product. Anyone who doesn't get the image probably doesn't need to buy it.

As someone with a cottage in Northern Canada, I rate this ad highly.

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