Eveready: Wind

Eveready batteries are an inexpensive and reliable way of getting surprising amount of
continuous power, assuring maximum quality performance. From the name you know
and the quality you trust, Eveready Heavy duty battery: The Compact portable power plant.

Advertising School: J.J. Institute of Applied Art, India
Creative: Akshay Naik

February 2012


kleenex's picture
41064 pencils

love the art.

ace85le's picture
3939 pencils

I don't like the art. Looks copy and paste to me.



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Akshay Naik's picture
Akshay Naik
17 pencils

pls send a link of Original idea

mr.x's picture
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I don't think he means the idea is copy paste. The art direction is copy paste. Not much effort in it.

Mrs Ozma Nawaz's picture
Mrs Ozma Nawaz
20 pencils

Not a bad idea

Ozma Nawaz

Akshay Naik's picture
Akshay Naik
17 pencils

then pls send a link of ORIGINAL IDEA

mitali prasad's picture
mitali prasad
458 pencils

i didn;t get the ad,,,,,!

Prathmesh's picture
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This campaign looking good but not practical. Common people (This battery users) needs quick understanding visual. Anyway nice work!

saya's picture
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nice concept: but u shud minimise and refine th copy...

Akshay Naik's picture
Akshay Naik
17 pencils

Thanx for the suggestions

dean viii's picture
dean viii
1686 pencils

Too much copy. Expected formula of photoshopping one thing onto another.

Copypaste's picture
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OK here's the thing: You are trying to sell batteries, one of the most polluting and hazardous things in the world. And you are showing a wind power plant. Unless it is an eco-friendly battery which it's not, it will be bad for the brand if the people think you're cheating on them. I'd feel cheated. Well, that's just my opinion.

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This idea is like a pregnant virgin.

dinesh dixit's picture
dinesh dixit
31 pencils

a heavy duty idea campaign.

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