Eveready Heavy Duty Battery: Water

Eveready batteries are an inexpensive and reliable way of getting surprising amount of
continuous power, assuring maximum quality performance. From the name you know
and the quality you trust, Eveready Heavy duty battery: The Compact portable power plant.

Advertising School: J.J. Institute of Applied Art, India
Creative: Akshay Naik


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Akshaya Singh
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What I like about the school works is that they come out with interesting takes... Yes the execution has a lot of scope, yes the idea still needed more polishing and yes the art is still a long way from home ... but a nice attempt nonetheless... Keep it up guys ...

Amateur for life!

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Akshay Naik
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thanx for the suggestion, sure will do..

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i think if these were ads for rechargable batteries, this would be a lot more sense (the dam provides consistent and renewable energy). nix the nuclear power plant and the coal plant. otherwise good art.

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good excut

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