Eveready Heavy Duty Battery: Nuclear

Eveready batteries are an inexpensive and reliable way of getting surprising amount of
continuous power, assuring maximum quality performance. From the name you know
and the quality you trust, Eveready Heavy duty battery: The Compact portable power plant.

Advertising School: J.J. Institute of Applied Art, India
Creative: Akshay Naik


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Luke Sullivan said in his book Hey Whipple that there are five main components to each ad. 1. Visual, 2. Headline, 3. Body copy. 4 Themeline, 5. Logo. The strongest ads inevitably are the ones that can survive with the least amount of these elements. Likewise, this ad would be much better without the body copy, themeline or logo. Give more of the Everyready on the battery, and you don't need any of those.

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Akshay Naik
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thanx for the suggestion........sure will do

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