Eveready: Book

Advertising Agency: ARS DDB, Venezuela
Creative Director / Copywriter: J Csernath
Art Director: A Rodriguez
Photographer: Rodolfo Benítez


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meh. what's with the flashlight ads, flooding aotw lately, anyway?

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i don't want to do that with my book....

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i like it...

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this doesn't make sense... it could be an ad for the bulb itself not for the battery...

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old idea

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Just cannot understand...

Why people show things which their product cannot possibly do in real life in there Media effort! I firmly belive that its NOT required at all

Is it becasue of lethargy? or what...

No matter how good is the creative direction but if the strategy itself is wrong and eventually makes the entire exercise looks fake, then that effect is carried to the brand itself in the long run... I think its logic... and not a rocket sci.

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lets change the Everady logo to Philips, and we can sell tourchligh, brilliant!!

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que malas pilas!! me queman el libro. jeje

[ http://eltubedeyou.blogspot.com ]

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conan o brien
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Did I miss an assignment from Ivan for "World's-Strongest-Flashlight/Batteries/Bulbs" or something?

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o if you're taking a walk on the woods... you'll burn it all...

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Could work as an ad for a reading course for adults... you would have to be reading damn slow to burn a page like that...

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Alistair C.
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longer battery life means you can read much more. if it takes you that much as to "burn" the page, it means you're a moron.

and the benefit is not that it turns your lightbulb into a high power laser. so i think it failed to send the right message.

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i like it, but i think of batterys as long lasting rather than too strong

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is it because of powerful bulb or batteries???

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Please stop making ads for flash lights. And chili sauce. And superglue. Now.

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I like the idea but without the burning,... Why i like it ? because it actually matches the batteries, why? because u are reading a book and i dont think u read it in 5 minutes so it means that the batteries on that flashlight will last enough for u to read the book in the dark.. but if u always try to find the opposite signifficant for an ad u will come with stupid comments like "it should advertice bulbs" ughhh!. These comments look like are written by a bunch of 10 year old

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