eVent Waterproof Fabrics: Ice wall mailbox

Live Outdoors.

The product is a waterproof, breathable fabric, used by manufacturers including Nike Soccer, Keen, Oakley, O’Neill Snowboarding, others.

Advertising Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg
Art Director: Alex Rice
Copywriter: Justin Horrigan
Photography: Stock
Retouching: Sam Nordemann, XYZ Graphics, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Breaks: October 2007


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Great work guys.

Roger Ebert

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fantastic work, and i love the claim: live outdoors.

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done to death. here's the last time it was posted here.

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I don't agree. eVent is saying stay outdoors and enjoy it. Stihl is saying don't spend your life outside. Plus the eVent ads look twice as good.

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it's the exact same concept. take an element you associate with home, put it in nature and say something about living there because you spend so much time there. that said, stihl wasn't the first to do it. it's been done many times before.

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drunk dave
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Still making friends I see K.O.S. Don't you have something more consructive to do with your time? Like finish up on the roll fold brochure for the insurance company you work for?

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