August 2009
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Against bad breath.

Advertising Agency: RGA Comunicação, Recife, Brazil
Creative Director: Daniel Zago
Art Directors: Olivia Nowak
Copywriters: Daniel Zago, Ricardo Zaclis
Typographer: Olivia Nowak
Photographer: Sven Schrader

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I like this one the best in the series. The flies don't portray the message without the copy, and the rollercoaster one, thought funny, is a little bit disconnected as well, I feel.

This one is funny. I don't think it conveys that she's been eating spicy food because she wouldn't need a candle to create flames. They'd just come out, ie. the newish Taco Bell ads. What DOES need flame to create MORE flames, is gas. Hence, we understand that there are some wicked fumes in this little girls mouth when she blows on that candle. This, I think, is the only one that doesn't need to put a big bottle of mouthwash in the bottom corner to explain what the ad is about.