Eurostar: Paris - London, Washing machine

Published: October 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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damn they had this idea to show English flag and French flag in a laundry machine and just couldn't let go!!

silvi's picture
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Why so ugly photo?

AmOgodzzz's picture
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Yeah looks like they coulda come up with much better ideas but were stuck on this one.
Also, terrible art direction.

Guest's picture

Terrible art direction? You see the idea right away and the eye focuses on it with no trouble.

Maybe you should rethink what art direction is.

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off strategy. everyone knows the eurostar connects england and france. they should have told us why we should take them over a plane or ferry.

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Yeah it looks a bit cheap and rubbish to me, I'm from the UK though so maybe many French ads are like that.

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