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Have Heart
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Really good concept and art!

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I really like this - good work!

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Banksy anyone? Nice.

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I Like the look of these - I didn't realise London had suddenly become 'cool' though. Thank goodness for that, we've finally caught up with France.

Totally Banksy I agree, funny they stole a British style to tell us they think London is 'cool'.

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Also the logo at the bottom looks like a hand gun. Which is a rather unfortunate badge for London.

Funny oversight though.

Gun crime here is on the rise I suppose.

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The logo looks a bit more b3tan than that ;-)

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ad pedant
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yeah first thing i noticed as well... find it hard to believe no-one picked up on it tbh - I'm wondering whether someone wanted to fit it in with the whole "street" thing they seem to be going for?

different way to sell eurostar and i get what they're doing but it just doesn't hit the mark for me (the stuff the other day even more so than this campaign)

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Nice art direction but I'm not sure about the idea. Seems a bit flat for me...

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