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Why are there three? I hate this idea of a campaign - did the same thing three times therefore I've made a campaign.

Looks like you couldn't make a casting decision.

That said, I like it. Think it would hit the target (of which I am one) right between the eyes.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just made the same comment on another campaign, for fast flower delivery. Three ads, each featuring a woman who is about to destroy a man's personal possessions: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/123fleurscom_model

I find that a lot here: One ad executed three times. Although, this particular campaign's even more blatant. And the shame of it is that if they thought hard enough, they may have been able to do 3 unique ads. If not, it's a nice one-off.

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Unless there's something that is being communicated through the different breed of dogs, this is most definitely a repeat.
Nice thought though.

And by the way, The flower delivery campaign did have an element of surprise simply becos you could not predict the next one.

This of course is a little more predictable than that.

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gigigi, sunburn on fur. (I like the concept)

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doesn't taking the collar off a dog signify abandonment?
leash off is freedom but this is something else.

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well dis i like it shows u guys r pet friendly n tink of our pets.thubs up though i agree wit the others repeatation is a bore.


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fuck off guest commenters! it's a funny idea! come down! fucking advertisers...

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i like the concept
spark of creativity | http://felket.blogspot.com/

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i like the concept aloottt :)))

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Very cool and funny, but yeah why send 3 of these to ads of the world?

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Esse anuncio só nao é mais peba do que Igor Tadeu

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Cute, but you can't do it over and over with different dogs and call it a campaign. Try harder.

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Guto Araki
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I like it.

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it's wrong. in the sun the coat of the dog would get brighter, not darker.

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Absolutely brighter. I agree with that.

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