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Ivan, where are the comments? It's been a while...

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This ad has been posted just a few minutes ago. Patience. Maybe members are speechless. ;)

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pahh... speechless? ;)

i don't get the ad.

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pahh... speechless? ;)

i don't get the ad.

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Pointers: Word in bubbles symbolizes furniture

Read the copy:
There is a time that just exchanging your furniture's position is not enough anymore.

On why the words in the bubbles are being exchanged in position and makes no sense. -> Suggesting that it is being too pushed to have the words exchanged to have a new meaning. -> Get a new word (furniture).


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I like it!

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All ears
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Yes, I don't get it either.

A little help?

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How's it that u dont get it? Have u read the copy?

u will come to the point that moving your forniture from placa to place in your room wont be enough, so go and get some new one.

How about now?

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I like it! It's not award winning but it's a great way to tackle a problem from a copy perspective.

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You have to work hard to like it.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Pathetic....duped by the thumbnail!

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andré ™
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It's easy to get once you read the small copy, but I don't think it would sell any furniture.

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andré ™
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Oh, it's a pretty cool store, kind like copycat of Ikea.

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Very nice ad.

Great copywrite.

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It makes sense, but if you read into it, then it means if you change your furniture around even once, it doesn't look good anymore. That makes me think that Etna furniture is not very versatile. Maybe you should go for the positive on this one and present Etna furniture as the most versatile furniture instead of its competitors being not versatile. Just a thought.

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Abra Cadabra
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It's a lot simpler than that. They're just poking fun at those people who, instead of buying new furniture, just try to re-arrange their old furniture to get a new look. They want those people to buy new furniture from them instead.

I actually kind of like this ad, except for the 3-D effects they applied to the borders of the word bubbles.

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this ad sucks
ad this sucks
sucks ad this

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the idea is nice, but the copy just above the logo and tag, sense makes no

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OMG Brazil! Yes, I was speechless for a bit.

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