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I luv it,but is it real work? I don't know they tried to save the cow??? like we'd not eat meat ,pork ???

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oh yeah - a dream of every "green peace guy" - to make people wear nature`s shoes )) quite funny though )

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what so there is an ethnicity of 'black.' if they are really trying to be correct in this, shouldn't they find a better word....why don't they just put colors down...white, yellow, black, brown..... Not very 'ethical' now are we...

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i don't think using the term "black" is racist or offensive:

you can't say african-american because you would be talking to american citizens who are black. and you can't say african because you would be talking to african people alone. the term "black" is politically correct and is used in the media.

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it's not that they used the word black. it's that they used caucasian to describe white.
& wtf is up w/ the wikipedia links. people know what black means. yeesh.


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how else would they describe caucasian? if they used "white," then hispanic would be red and asian would be yellow. caucasian is more general than white.

and seeing as how people from all around the world have access to this, i don't think that everyone knows that it's all right to use "black"

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nice copy