ESPN: Not good enough for Beijing, 2

Olympic Games. For the few good ones.

Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Creative Directors: Wilson Mateos, Márcio Ribas
Photographer: Jair Lanes
Copywriter: Isabella Paulelli
Art Director: Vico Benevides

August 2008


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I think the background could have been done a lot better.. possibly have less of it too.

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Is this an advert for alternative sports? Weird sports like the redneck games or something? I don't know what it's asking me to watch.

We're going to need more lube.

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for those who cant (or dont want) understand:
the message want to say "if you are special or can do something special, you are not able to participate in Olympic Games, because this Games are just for the BEST SPECIAL FEW REALLY GOOD ONES sportists in specific games".

hope i helped some few ones.

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Are you sure about that. I thought it was just saying something more like 'For people with exceptional talents'.

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Audrius Kubrik
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but, FEEL, spoonfacing is much more special and cool than 90% of the dull activities in the olympics, which actually is as fun to watch as the paint drying.

Baloonatic is a person considering his/her TV priorities and the ad has clearly missed his/her attention; unfortunately, a print ad doesn't have the chance to explain itself to every consumer, does it?

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