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So, it's the right time to learn copywriting. Copy ads will be back apparently.

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Love that! Good copywriting just makes my world go around

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if copy is back .... why no creative copy ?

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maybe is like a challenge between copy and images.


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Phil Lestino
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The images will win as long as the copy is as poor in this ad...or is it just the translation that is dreadful?

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like it

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This is brilliant!

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Very interesting and different.Love it!

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Oh god, i hate scams:))))..And cannes related scams? buaaah... like a bad dinner.

half of them have a quite strong copy. Not good point at all. sorry guys but how would u understand half of the grand prix without a copy..
:)) sorry but u push a wrong break here..
... BUT! any way nice to see all the grand prix together after a long time.. Half of them truly suck. :)))) (rock)

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It is about trends not the quality of copywriting, there are still plenty amazing copies in the world of advertising. And Corbeen is right, at least half of these suck. Sorry, Cannes is not my fetish.

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Ian Guimaraes
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As Dzsoi said, its all about trends. The globalization made it.

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Start playing "Scrabble" and maybe copy will be back.

Simple ideas are the best !

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ek kanya
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ok? so?

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not sure I totally get this.

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A picture is worth...

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I appreciate the idea. At times the images fail to convey what they should.

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like it

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do people really have the patience to read the ad full of copy (no matter how good copy is)


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Yes. Many ads got rewards mainly because of their effective copy. I hope Ivan agrees with me.

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