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Cute idea, but I wonder if the cultural reference still has as much meaning. That's pretty risky right there, and I'm betting this is one of those referential ads that will have some people thinking, "Huh?"

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I agree a lot!! Therefor I prefer the Michael version

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haahahah nice

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This is great.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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funny, I like it. I like the way it makes you work for about 2 seconds. Good work.

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dont get it.
why the guy is without pants? he take it off JUST the pants and shoes, then walk in the house like that? why? who walk in the house in that kind of clothes?
so, maybe the guy get in home, take it clothes off and start to walking in home, but he forgot to take it off his socks, and, somehow, he "WOW, i am walking with my socks and dont sliding!"

as you can see, i dont get the idea.

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Hi there. This is the idea:
This ad is referring to a scene of a movie called «Risky Business» from 1983. It's the scene where Tom Cruise dances around in his socks. Watch the scene in the movie under this link and you'll know what this is all about:


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Creo que es una buena idea, pero la imagen sería mucho más comica (a mi gusto) con un poco de acción. Por ejemplo si el tipo (al igual que en la pelicula) trata de deslizarse de lado por ese tipo de suelo, probablemente se caería muy feo. Tal vez capturar ese momento sería buena idea.

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This has gotta be one of the misdirected idea's ever. So what happens if you've never seen the movie? As in my case and sold. Referential ideas are never a good move unless if the reference is a historical event or anything of that sort, something that the majority can grasp... (Don't like the MJ one either, that man can slide over anything, plus, MJ has been overused and abused. Find something else to work with, try a different direction, great things can come outta this brief...)

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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The pair of these are great.
Jacksons the stronger one, I'v never seen "risky business".
I thought it was just some bloke in his pants, still luverly lighting.
Very remeniscent of Erwin Olaf: Grief pictures.


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I don't like the illustration here (?) feels like it was photoshopped.

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the scene, is part of the media culture.

There had been a lot of references in movies, music videos and tv shows as The Simpsons and South Park... the scene is an iconc as of today.
I am not even saw the movie, and I recognized the scene after a few times...
well, fist I read the copy


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