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Combination? Don't like.

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nothing like what
smoke blown in Kennedy's face
maybe this made more sense in spanish
but probably not
because Kennedy is clearly not enjoying the -
forget it
my comment shouldn't try harder than the ad
which is trying so f'ing hard to work
but not succeeding

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Unless you are that Amsterdam cheap hotel, you should never show how disgusting your product is. And this makes cigars look really disgusting. Probably thought by a 21 year old copywriter.

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So in this ad, Castro is the good guy? Really?

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!! http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/135094

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Whats the product? What am I supposed to do? Cmon!

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Cigar smoke killed Kennedy?!

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In the face of the prohibitionist system! Great job Gomes.

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Always against smoke.

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Nothing spectacular here, though I do give praise to the effort gone into thinking up the juxtaposition of characters. But the overall feel is just too difficult to piece together at first glance, so nope this doesn’t sit well with me.

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