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could be something much better.

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just because famous political people smoked doesn't mean you should - ahhh f it

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winner and cigar, good point (not insight). but why? (morality is an outdated product, i know)
Regarding this campaign, the copy should have been used to assist establish the point. Its weak in this context.


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weak, not very creative and unnecessary - what customer buys a cigar to annoy someone - must taste terrible by the way ?- the gent on the right should have gotten the cigar right in his face instead of just the smoke ( bastard rotts in hell hopefully ) - but seriously, from the creative part - I can annoy someone with much cheaper smoke than coming from a cigar = not creative - wrong and does not work for the product - sells it cheap ( the other ads don´t either by the way ) - to those "creatives" : please look for a new job because You can´t do advertising !

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I could be very wrong but from the copy I assumed the ad was implying this was a cafe where you could smoke indoors! hence Winston (good guy) blowing smoke in Hitlers (bad guy) face i.e. good guys can smoke indoors blowing the bad guys out...not saying this is a great ad by any means just my interpretation.

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May be the brand its trying to say us: "Be political incorrect. Smoke Esch Cafe".

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I appreciate the use of famous historical figures in this advert but the point is weak and the message driven across may not be accepted that well. Smoking adverts already rile up some anti-smoking groups, but using famous historical figures like Churchhill and Kennedy to sell cigarettes will only backfire.

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Please, somebody kill me.

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