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when he or she gets quick dry cement?
in indonesia,we call it so impossible...
bu the idea 'bout quick, it's okelah...

::son of mount malang::copywriter of matakreasi
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

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what the hell!!! hahahahahahhhaha the art direction is really bad, the bridge looks like a man Penis + i hardly can notice that the guy is building this crazy bridge !!!! poor concept and design

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what would a 'NON man penis' be?

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kinda like the idea ...
this is some weak art direction and PS ..

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what's wrong with advertising these days????

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What happened in the last few feet, the bugger ran out of cement?

Idea part, the execution suxs, it's like a PS2 ad execution which is soooo not for those builders and construction workers to see!

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I hate to state the obvious to restless_r, but bridges often do follow a straight, lengthy design template. Which can, to some minds, be reminiscent of a penis.

Not mine, though. The one in the ad isn't much for girth.

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desailly, i dont understand you man ! the above can be
1- penis
2- frog tongue
3- oil pipe
4- cylinder bridge

but still poor concept and art direction :)

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For all those who are seing penis... GET A GIRLFRIEND.

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look like student's work...

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just like the quick dry paint already posted on adsoftheworld a few weeks back..thats also been nominated for cann this year. (and that means somone's been here too long)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Like the overall style of these Ads, very grabby and striking.
I think a man building an old style curved bridge would have worked nicely - not clear what the figure is actually doing, too small and obscure. The logo block styling suits the the old world storybook concept, but looks like a tea coupon, lacking a strong brand recognition. Unless that is how the product brand is commonly used (not familiar with the brand or supporting collateral)

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