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awww This is da sheeeeeeeeeeeet!

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this is going to sound lame, but i'm not sure i get it. it seems to me like a computer screen with the same image as the background...is that it? if it is, then i don't like it. it's not for wireless internet. i could see this being like an HP printer ad or something...

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i like the simplicity of it.. you can say its a wallpaper but.. at first glance i get the message, thats what important to me. I dont care how true this shit works, how real the product is, what's important is the message that delivers to me without tryin to decipher it. I like it. Its simple and clear. horrraaaaay!!!!!!!

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I agree.. i thought it was an ad for clarity of screen resolution etc... def not for wireless internet - not logical

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I think this idea worked better for LG plasma tv ads.

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wireless internet and how? trying hard to find a logic but can't.

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scenery backdrop is used cos its for wireless........by scenery backdrop thyr tryn to show that wireless works far and beyond regular equipped walls of our home and business places..... and u can carry it far from regular (which actually is the purpose of wireless and it also portrays that its reach is expanding to more and more places////////////////////
why do u a;ways want things to be litteral always>????
grow up.
its a beautiful campaign..........

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this is nice but what if the frame of the laptop wasnt there at all?

So you just have the beach image with the internet symbol bottom left and trash bottom right of the image

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don't think we need to comment on this right? next.

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Can someone please tell me why the scenery/background is adapted as the screen of the computer?
Coz I personally thinks its pushing abit too hard. Gotta try harder.

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I think it is saying you're not limited to your screen, you can enjoy outdoors.. or something like in those lines...

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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-_^ hmm.....

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over-used idea and execution and it doesnt even serve any purpose.

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Decent concept, but the execution can use some more work. Perhaps if more of the laptop was visible, such as the bottom part of the frame and keyboard.


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Jonny Lonestar
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hah! this is great. Probably too "witty" for your average consumer, but the idea that we put great images on our desktops to forget that we're sitting in beige cubes, verses.. just working there... that's cool.

perhaps this would work better in TV.

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Have to agree. This doesn't pull through for me. Could have and should have been better.

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if i had a football, i'd knock that bin down with it. and that 'e' too. this ad's out of this world. and not in a good way. try again fellas.

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i agree to justpassingby's comment.

"this is nice but what if the frame of the laptop wasnt there at all?
So you just have the beach image with the internet symbol bottom left and trash bottom right of the image"

i think that would have been cooler

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what about a porn site? in astrip club

Arnold Santillan

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