Erhalogy: Sand clock

Delay your aging daily.
Aging is a natural human process, but free radicals in UV light, air pollution and cigarettes can accelerate the aging process. Erhalogy as a daily skincare product with antioxidant can help you prevent premature aging and keep your skin healthy all day long.

Advertising Agency: Celsius, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Directors: Elwin Mok, Yenny Siswanto
Art Director: Iwan Sutrisno
Copywriter: Ken Priyahita
Photographer: Davy Linggar
Published: February 2007


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I liiike!!
I can feel the 'been done before' posts coming up on this one :)

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But How comes the headline's in English and copy in 'I can't read language'? Will the person who can read the copy be able to read the headline?

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Yes, most of the indonesian who are the target audience of this ad will understand it. English is a common language for them

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This looks more logical compared to the other.

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i see nothing special in this ad
they used wrong analogy

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i think there are better ideas possible for this brief... but the art-direction is amazing!
very nice picture
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That's better.
'Clock' idea's derivative and dull.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Will this twist make the sand go through there slowlier really? I mean, noticeable?

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old, its all old.

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