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guess my physics teacher never told me that one's bum
gets extremely hot after a cup of soup.

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even without the soup, just with the guy sitting there the same effect would happen, right?

would it have been better if the cup of soup was alone on the bench and there was a much bigger melted area around the cup (without the human element)?

just a thought...

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Yep. Would have been better. Maybe even some blossoms coming out from the melted snow beneath the cup? They could have pushed more.

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or maybe spend a thought on a whole new insight cuz
a soup thats hot sounds eg like a chicken tasting like

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maybe the soup makes you fart?

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Activity Score 14

provided the soup is from the uk

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Activity Score 1394

yeah...i love those farts that creep up my back during my lunch break while i sit on a bench in the snow on a cold winters day. this ad doesnt work for me.

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Activity Score 262

i think we're all over-complicating the message.
yeah, it's simple and a first box idea.

but on a bloody cold day and i'm walking past this bench, it'll trigger me to get this particular brand of soup the moment i get back.

it may not win an award. but it would surely boost sales.

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This is not outdoor advertising. It is a print ad, is it not? Do you mean "but on a bloody cold day and i'm walking past this ADVERTISMENT, it'll trigger me to get this particular brand of soup the moment i get back"?

Either way - I am agreeing with previous comments - this concept could have been pushed farther.

original doodles + creative sweat =

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definitely not an outdoor ad here..

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Activity Score 262

my bad.
thought it was an outdoor idea.

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Activity Score 648

hmm..and the place where the soup itself is..not that much melted....hmmm.

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Concept is good but for other hot selling product!
definitely not for soup, Sorry!

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Activity Score 44

It works, simple and effective. Well done.

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Activity Score 181

Nice try to be a creative ass
keep tryin

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Activity Score 2592

first thoughts:
- looks like one of these "caution: wet paint!-ads"
- melted snow = wet clothes
- park bench > homeless people i.e. erasco = a dossers' snack?
- where did the guy take the hot water from? (yuck!)

second thought:
ok, perhaps this would work to communicate the brand and it's benefit, most people ain't that nitpickerish

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Aha, so when I lose my mind and hang out on a bench, even though it's awfully cold out there, then this soup heats me up more than other soups?! Brilliant...

Totally agree with what kre8 wrote.

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I know this is a site to crit work... but sometimes some of the comments are just plain stupid.
What makes me smile is that I can see that alot of crit comes from none creatives.

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Why is the cup still steaming? Is there supposed to be soup in there? Cause that's a boo boo. And it just looks like someone sat down on the bench, it started to snow, the person got up and left a bald spot.

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Activity Score 35

hi guyz..
what i can see, isn't it nice to show:
- the effect of the heat given by soup without showing the human element.
- the ad without a template or body text or even a brand cuz it's written on the cup and image speakes.
i've got some little comments about the visual (not hte concept cuz i like it):
- the melted ice (water dropps) around the guy and the cup are missing (agree with kre8).
- it's still snowing down there so bald spot shouldn't be that empty .
- a nigative impression:to leave the cup behind (agree with ellehcimo).
- a nigative impression:smoke of the cup shows it's still hot & he hadn't finished it.

It's Possible If You Say So.

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damn, you guys should work for CSI, not adevertising. :)

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Activity Score 262

unfortunately, i don't think they'd survive a day at CSI.
Imagine this:

AdDude: I don't like how you placed the evidence tag. Could you move it down to the bottom right corner please.

CSI: But the evidence is clearly right here in the middle!!!

AdDude: I see where you're coming from, but it doesn't look aesthetic there.

CSI: (rolls eyes) OK, let's just do it your way.

AdDude: While you're at it, could you also wipe the blood off that corner. It looks photoshopped onto the body.

CSI: (slaps head). That's real blood, dude.

AdDude: Yeah, but it doesn't look believable. Just do it. I'll get forensics to photoshop in a nicer blood splatter.

CSI: (sarcastic) While you're at it, why don't you change the colour of our fingerprint powder from blue to 50% Cyan?

AdDude: Now that you mention it...

CSI: I think there'll be another murder happening soon. Look, there's a yellow one...

AdDude: Cool campaign, that VW ad.

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Jajajjaja fuck, an alone question, are we all in agreement in which the purpose of the advertising?, it is a soup directed the public not to a teacher of semiologia, if, evidently the creativity here the creativity I do not come very highly but he(she) reports perfectly, I do not believe that the public does an analysis as the one that proposes here